• hi there, 

    i'm trying to have from a TH2G three vga output and for some reason it doesn't work.

    i have the feeling it's kind of stupide cable thing, but i'm turning around and the deadline is close ! 

    i tried with two kind of TH2G, DE & SE, each time with different result, but never the good one. 

    i have an imac 10.9 (mavericks), intel core i5, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M. 

    two mini DP output from computer (which on one i won't to have a projector and on the other the TH2GO).

    my 3 screen are the same, JVC 1360x768, with VGA or HDMI input.

    with the TH2GO DE, and DVI to VGA adapter - just one screen is recognised 

    with the TH2GO SE, and DVI to HDMI adapter - just two screen recognise, but are the same (and not one next to another)

    i managed to have what i need, with DVI cable (to other screens), but the thing is the screen are on stage, far from the computer, and DVI cable can't help me.

    does anyone had already this problem ? 

    if you have any idea, will be great ! 



  • hi, do you have the Matrox software installed? Usually fixed most of my Dualhead/Triplehead issues. 

  • @bartvang yes i do have. the soft don't recognize the three screens.

  • Tech Staff

    @yishai said:

    i tried with two kind of TH2G, DE & SE,

     I always use and recommend the DP (Display Port) Edition

  • @administrators woland thanks for your advice. 

    with the DP edition i manage to have 3 screen, but there are the same, and not one next to another. i'm trying to adjust it with matrox soft, but it doesn't help.  

    with the digital edition, i manage to have my 3 screen, with the help of SwitchResX, but the only resolution the screens allows me is 2304x433, when i try to add a new resolution in SwitchResX the screen tell me it's unaccepted format.   

    i think maybe those screen are the problem... JVC TV screen, it was all blacked for the show, i'm looking for the references ....

  • @yishai

    To be able to set a custom resolution in SwitchResX you have to disable the System Integrity Protection in the terminal. If you search on Google you will find how to do it.

  • Tech Staff

    @yishai said:

    with the DP edition i manage to have 3 screen, but there are the same, and not one next to another.

     Silly question, but you have turned mirroring off, yes?

  • @jandraka andraka i'm trying ... the terminal tel "csrutil command not found" even in recovery mode, does someone know this issue on mavericks ? looking around the web still don't have a solution .. 

    @waland, yes, i turned it off, still the same.

    thanks anyway

  • Tech Staff

    @yishai said:


     If you are running Mavericks, this is not an officially supported operating system for Isadora. Isadora 2 is designed for MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite) to MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra). That's not to say it won't run on older systems, it's just that we do not support for those older OS's and do not recommend using them with Isadora 2.

    Best wishes,


  • @yishai

    System Integrity Protection was introduced with El Capitan.

  • @woland i'm running isadora 1 ...

  • problem solved! i use finally TH2G DE, i need VGA cable for long distance, and with SwitchResX i manage to define my own resolution. 

    thanks anyway for your help !