Export 3ds files from Blender with attached textures?

  • Tech Staff

    I am having trouble export 3ds files from Blender with attached textures?
    I have limited experience with blender, and can't seem to find instructions on how to export with linked textures.

    I have tested other patches, with textures that are working fine.. (see: http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/discussion/comment/2650#Comment_2650), but my exports frm blender seem to be loosing the texture I have attached in Blender.

    Any help here would be amazing.

  • Hi DusX

    I remember a sort of bug I found with textures under windows:
    They must have a simple name : no spaces, not too many characters...
    Maybe give a try by naming your texture just with a letter.
    Maybe you allready know it, but the texture has to be in the .3ds object's folder.
    I discovered this in a stressy programming session, and never reported any bug. If it appears to be one, it's maybe good to report it.
    I hope this helps.
  • Beta Platinum

    I know the texture has to be in the same folder as the object... but you probably already know that.

  • Tech Staff

    You are both absolutely correct.. I was saving the texture file in the same directory as where I was exporting the .3ds file, but the texture must be in the same folder as your .blend file.
    I am now just putting my .blend, my texture (jpg) and exporting my .3ds to the same folder, and all is good.
    Not the most intuitive process, but the outcome is very satisfying.