• Hi All

    I am currently testing outputting Isadora into a virtual audio mixer (Voicemeeter) to have more control over my whole systems audio and I'm wanting to control the volume of it all through Isadora. There is a Midi mapping section in voicemeeter but it doesnt recognise Isadora as a midi device. Has anyone had any luck with getting Isadora to control this software or know other ways of achieving the same result?

    I am on Windows

    Thanks in advance.


  • Tech Staff

    Hi there,

    Isadora doesn't create his own MIDI Output port. You need something like Virtual Midi ports to create an output that you connect to Voice Meter as an input, hope that makes sense :)

    Good luck, and let us know if you need any further assist.

    - Juriaan

  • Got it all working

    Thanks a lot