Help for a newbie setting up a Mac for midi out

  • Hello All,

    I'm consulting long distance with a friend who is trying to set up Isadora on her Mac.  She's got everything but sound out on a midi send note patch I sent her.  Does anyone know a clear tutorial, preferably with pictures, that she can use to set up a synthesizer so she can get sound out?


  • Dear VJW,

    What synthesizer does she intend to use? An internal (i.e., software) or external one? Very different procedures depending on this.
    Best Wishes,

  • Internal. I pointed her to Simple Synth.

  • To output from Isadora into Simple Synth:

    1) Start up Simple Synth -- set the MIDI Source to "Simple Synth Virtual Input"
    2) Start up Isadora
    3) Go to Communications > MIDI Setup...
    4) In the first popup menu under "Outputs,", nex choose "Simple Synth Virtual Input"
    5) Then ensure that the 'port' input of any MIDI actor is set to 1\. (That's the default already.)
    6) Send MIDI
    The MIDI data will go from Isadora's output into Simple Synth's input.
    That's it. ;-)
    Best Wishes,