[ANSWERED] Isadora 3 and graphics Cards

  • I am working on specifying a new computer for use a theatre applications. I am looking at graphics card option and am wondering what people out there are using. I am hoping for a card the does 4 outputs of the same connection type. I am currently looking at AMD 7100 and 9100 graphics cards. Has anyone had success with these cards with Isadora 2.6?

    Other current computer specs:

    - 32G of memory
    - i9 9820 3.3GHz CPU
    - 2TB Samsung 983 PCI-E M.2 SSD

    Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. 


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  • @joeartist I would take a look at a 2080ti for that money. Open CL runs on nvidia cards but cuda will not run on amd cards. This is not super important for Isadora and the cards have somewhat comparable performance, but for creating media it makes a big difference.

    I would not worry about having the same output (display port/HDMI etc). Even though it needs adaptors I would chose display port 1.4 or higher as my output just for flexibility.

    The 9100 card comes in a variety of memory Configs though, that can outrun the 2080ti but for big money. I'm not sure about current machines but these were the cards inside the D3 media severs before they became disguise.

  • I know this doesn't address your question, but I would definitely recommend a second fast SSD for data.



  • @fred Thank you for your thoughts on this. I will take a look at the 2080ti. This computer would not be used for creating content, only playback. But I do see what you are saying about CUDA cores. The 7100 and 9100 are cards that come in Watchout media servers as well. 

  • @joeartist last bit to think about is pure performance. The firepro series are workstation cards, with ecc memory (there are a lot of discussions on why these are overkill outside of mission critical applications (like high end parts design for industry). What the firepro series does offer is more outputs (6 vs 4 on the nvidia cards). But the W series cards are now 4 years old and have significantly lower performance gpu wise (some benchmarks show 50%). There are newer and workstation cards like the SSG series (seriously expensive) that use more modern parts like hbm memory).

    Considering the extra cost you pay for ecc memory and the outdated architecture if could be worth going for a high end NVIDIA card like the 2080 or 2080ti and getting a data path unit for the extra outputs. You will have better performance, (with a data path also more outputs), newer architecture and cuda if you ever need it. 

    Here is a comparison, there are many others, The 2080ti will leave you with change enough to get a data path and a bunch of adaptors.

    Considering AMD are now supporting pcie 4, and the looming release of the new new Mac Pro expect to see some new pcie4 cards coming soon too.

  • @fred thanks for your thoughts here. I believe I am going to consider the 2080ti as the GPU.