Have a Long-Term Installation? Consider disabling the "Automatic Updates" feature

  • Dear All,

    If you have a long-running installation where the computer is online, you may want to ensure that the update check is disabled. This is easy to do:

    1) Choose Isadora > Isadora Preferences...
    2) Click on the "Warnings Tab"
    3) Set the popup under "Automatic Updates" to "Never"

    We are alerting you to this because the automatic update feature hasn't really been enabled in past versions of Isadora, but we will be turning it on before the end of January. The automatic dialog that is shown when a new version is released should be harmless. But, in an abundance of caution, we are advising those with long term installations to turn this feature off.

    We'll be doing a big, public test on Monday, January 13th from 5pm to 7pm Central European time. (Read about it here.) Then we'll turn it back off so we can evaluate the results before we make it live permanently.

    Best WIshes,