• I am trying to rotate a 3d object around it's center point, as defined when making it in Maya. It seems that Isadora ignores the model's center point and assumes a different one, on an edge of the model. Is there any way to correct this so Isadora uses the 3d object's actual center/origin point?

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    I've not created any assets in Maya, only in Blender in the past.
    They have been correctly centered for me. So perhaps something is changing in the export.

  • Found one workaround - I'm exporting an .obj from Maya, then bringing it into Meshlab to convert to .3ds. 

    In meshlab I can recenter the .obj using Filters-->Normals, Curvature, and Orientation-->Transform: Translate, Center, set Origin before exporting. 

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    Great, I am glad you found a solution.