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    As far as i know there is not a great selection of GPUs that support 5 monitors directly. Nvidia GTX and RTX series support 4 per card. 

    @CitizenJoe  started a great thread here https://community.troikatronix.com/topic/6786/integrated-graphics-for-work-monitor that I added some questions to to clear up using multiple GPU's, especially things like an on board GPU in an intel CPU that would get you 5 outputs (1 for the isadora interface and 4 for the projections). The limit of 4 outputs is why I suggested a datapathx4 to get the 4 outputs, it was my understanding that using multiple GPU's is not a good way to go and uses a lot of extra resources (some testing some time ago and some assumptions that may be wrong led to this). At any rate watch the other thread for hopefully some clearer answers to the multi-gpu question as it would influence the advice we would all give to the original question here.

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    as Fred has said most nVidia cards support 4 outputs total. AMD tend to support 6.

    The Matrox QuadHead2Go is a great alternative to the Datapath. I have been using it and rather like the unit. The software and configure is nicer than with the tripleheads.

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    I just wanted to put this here for future reference re my NUC (in signature).

    It will support 5 x displays at 60Hz and 6 x displays at 30hz.
    Here's the complete breakdown:


    I just ordered a few various Thunderbolt 3 to HDMI and Displayport cables and adaptors to see how well they work and what'd be the best combination for me (I like a UHD monitor, but none of my projectors have higher resolution than 1080p)

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     Just to say that if you're in the UK or Europe @alice there's a chap on eBay selling 'em for GBP 210 which is an absolute bargain:https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dat...


    I bought a used DATApath x4 as mark_m had recommended and it runs very well, but i can't find the Wall Designer software version for Mac. The new version does not support the x4 and the links to older versions are all dead. Would anyone have a Mac version of Wall Designer for Datapath x4?

    Thanks in advance

    best, Jean-François 

  • @jfg there was a command line version for OSX for this series but otherwise you need to use the old windows only software.

  • not what I like to hear but thank you very much.

    best, Jean-François

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    do you have a running PC version for x4. The links are also dead.


  • @jfg this should be it - seems all to be online for me:


  • @fred

    for me too but I was looking on the Wall Designer download page

    Thanks a lot


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    I'm certain I've got an installer for the older X4 windows version saved on my PC, runs happily on Windows 10. Not got access to it today sorry, but I can check tomorrow.

    I think this is the link to the relevant bits, it's got the command line interface for mac there as well (Helpfully in 'Archive' rather than 'Legacy').


    I thought that Wall Designer was supposed to support X4 if the firmware was up to date but I may be wrong. I actually preferred the old interface to the new Wall Designer.

    [edit: sorry, I've read your post properly now and see you had this link already.]