• Will Isadora be working on the new apple silicon M1?

    Will it be universal app or working with Roseta 2?


  • Yes, we intend to port Isadora to run natively on the new ARM chips. But since this will likely be a significant effort, you should not expect to see it immediately.

    We do not yet know if Isadora runs under emulation, as we do not yet have an ARM machine. We will be moving to acquire one right away.

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    It will be interesting to see where this goes for Isadora.

    Huh! Who would have thought we might be using Isadora branded software on an iPad or iPhone within the next couple of years. Convergence of Mac and iOS has been anticipated for more than a decade - and now it appears to be here! A big challenge for independent Mac developers as these pro machines get flooded with iOS apps and integration.

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  • @mark 

    Does it also mean that a lower base priced machines like mini mac/Mac Air can now handle Izzy?

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    I have posted some thoughts after reading a review of the M1 machines in Forbes. Please have a look.

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