[ANSWERED] Scene fades not working as expected when outputting to projector via Blackmagic Design 3G Monitor

  • Hello everyone, 

    I'm hoping some of you Izzy gurus can help with suggestions regarding the behaviour of scene fades when outputting to a projector via Blackmagic Design 3G Monitor. 

    If I bypass the 3G Monitor and go directly from Mac to projector via HDMI cable the scene fades work as expected. However if I insert a 3G monitor into the single flow, outputting via either HDMI or SDI, the fades do not happen. Instead there is an abrupt transition. As I view the projected image during the fade period there is the slightest modulation of intensity.

    Any thoughts / suggestions greatly appreciated 😀

    Thanks Pazzy!

  • Tech Staff


    I'll look into this now, but my first thought for an immediate workaround is to split the HDMI signal coming out of the computer with HDMI 1-to-2 splitter, then send the same signal out from the splitter to both the projector and the Blackmagic device without having to insert the Blackmagic monitor between the computer and the projector? Should cost less than $10/10 Euro for a passive HD 1-to-2 HDMI splitter, but will cost more if you want a fancier one (more outputs, 4k, active instead of passive, etc.).

  • Tech Staff


    Aha! I knew this sounded familiar. There's a problem with using fades and Blackmagic outputs in 3.0.7, but we've since fixed it in an internal beta. I just confirmed this by testing with my Intensity Shuttle using 3.0.7 and our current beta. If you need this urgently please open a support ticket using the link in my signature so we can give you the form to join the beta program.

    Best wishes,


  • @woland Many thanks for quick response! I've submitted a support ticket.

    Best wishes, Pazzy