Mac Pro ultimo 2013 and 5 projectors

  • I have a problem getting 5 projectors running on my Mac pro. They work separately, but when i plug them all in there is only 3 projectors running.

    I have checked that all thunderbolt ports work.

    Should I update the computer? right now its running yosemite.

    All best Sissel

  • I have solved the problem! I can only run 2 hdmi and then three VGA cables

  • @sisselromme


    Just a quick one (found this the hard way), depending on the flavour of Macpro, you may require an apple dual link adaptor cable. Mini display has issues with outputting full HD without one. 

    They can be found on ebay & amazon. They are ex stock and not made any more but they are not cheap. I have ordered some 3rd party ones.


    Worth checking into the specs of your machine but if using Mini-Display as your bus, you will probably need them.

     I have a 2013 mac pro & 2no. Quad 2010 towers and I needed the adaptors to ensure full HD (1080p) and the ability to run 3no. screens. Also checked the mini-display bus specs. They are interlinked and might not be able to output Full HD on all.

    My 2 cents

    best of luck with it.


  • Hi @sisselromme plenty about this in for example this thread

    You'll need active adapters, like the one @eamon mentions. Or VGA adapters that are in a way active (converting digital to analog), so you instinctively found the solution by using the VGA adapters