[RECOMMENDED] loopMIDI for Windows (Mentioned in Guru Session #15)

  • In Guru Session #15: Beyond Cueing: Using Scenes in Isadora, Mark shows how he used a facility in Apple for a virtual Midi. It was mentioned that this is not possible with Windows. I have found a program that I think will do the same in Windows, Loop Midi (https://www.tobias-erichsen.de...

    Can't say I have tried this with Isadora, as I'm still on the basics and I appreciate Mark was using this to teach, so maybe not a real-world example.

    Regards and Stay Safe.

    [EDIT: change the title to show the correct loopMIDI as it does on the author's website, and to indicate that we recommend this app]

  • Tech Staff


    Yes, this program is great and is the option I prefer on PC.