• Hello Isadorians,
    I am interested in using the Emotiv Insight headset as a way of bringing user input into Isadora projects. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thank you, Linda


  • @postl hard to tell based on my quick read of the documentation and manuals, but I assume that this is not going to show up as an HID device and instead has companion software somewhere in the chain. They do note that raw EKG readouts are available. I'd be curious if you can learn the format of that output stream and how it is made available. If Isadora cannot pull it in directly, maybe a conversion could be accomplished before bringing it in with a small custom app.

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    I think Andy is right about a custom integration. The documentation discusses an API that runs with JSON and WebSockets as a wrapper around their SDK. Therefore, some of the considerations will depend on if you are accessing the sensors in real-time (possibly desirable) or if you are access recorded sensor data.

    The real-time access will likely require custom software development or at least software customisation.

    It is an interesting product.

    Best wishes


  • Looks like their SDK is behind a paywall, which is unfortunate. If I were to do this I would convert the sensor data streams into OSC so Isadora can pull it all in. Years ago (before Isadora 3 opened the door to many 3D sensors) I converted Intel RealSense data into OSC and worked with it in Isadora that way. 

  • @postl There is a set of node-red nodes that will talk to the API, node-red is a free node based programming system, it can output a variety of formats that Isadora can read, easiest is OSC (not included with node-red).


    Node red is a great tool to do a lot of the little things that Isadora cannot, easy to use and it will run on pretty much anything, so you could run this on a raspberry pi rather than use your computer.