• hi,

    i have the topic, that i like to bring text from an ascii file into isadora, like data into the data array actor.

    Is there a simple way to do it?

    Thanks for support in advance


  • concerning the data array actor, you can open a .txt (formatted like a .csv) but containing only floats.

    Rows are the items, lines are the records. Best way is to record a data array in a file (write) and observe how the file is formatted.
    You can also find a "ReadTextFromFile" plugin who can open a text and parse it according to paragraphs and using "text parser" you can do some interesting things (like read .srt subtitles)

  • thanks ....
    my system is MBP OSX 10.10.4 & Izzy 2.0.5

    i found a discussion in 2013 and a dll plugin for windows, but not for mac.
    I don't know nothing about trancoding to xcode, maybe there is a link to a transcoded one


  • Hello,

    it works on mac
    here the file, put it in Isadora/Content/MacOs/Isadora Plugins
    restart Isadora and voilà…


  • Thanks ...... Diether

  • Tech Staff

    I have been using this plugin, on windows for some time.. but have recently found that its is acting incorrectly with Isadora V2.

    Another option, is to load data into the Javascript actor.
    You can use "include ('filename.txt');"
    as your first line in a javascript actor to include an external text file.. it will be parsed as Javascript, so I find it easiest to format it as a variable declaration. Setting a var like:

    Var1 = YourJSON data

    Learn about JSON here: http://www.w3schools.com/js/js_json.asp

    This method can give you access to many forms of data.. !

    The external file should be loaded everytime the scene is activated, so it should be possible to reload data as it is updated. (untested ;)

  • i am working on OSX 10.10 and i had in first simple basic test no problem and i continue to use ... i will give you a feedback, thanks for your warning

    The idea to use the javascript actor looks very interesting, but i am failing in java programming...
    and it will take some time .... Is w3schools the simplest way to jump in?


  • Tech Staff

    If you are just starting out you may want to go thru the beginner course here:

    w3schools is just a convenient reference at times.

  • merci,

    this course has the right level for me ......