• Dear All,

    We're well into our compatibility testing with macOS Catalina and it's going well. Everything seems to work, but we want to take a little more time to make 100% sure that everything is totally solid.

    (Frankly, we would have made our deadline of one week after Catalina's release, except that everybody on the TroikaTronix tech team [including yours truly] got some kind of nasty cold or flu over the last couple of weeks. Obviously that's out of our control, but it put a real dent in our efficiency.)

    I will say this: the new security restrictions are intense. Creating the installer -- which is normally simple -- took well more than a week to achieve because Apple's new "notarization" procedure is absolutely unforgiving of even the slightest irregularity. I finally the installer built last Thursday evening. I know I've already said it several times, but really, this is a release you should wait to install if you can.

    All of that said: if you're must work on Catalina, open a ticket and tell us. We've got a build that will work on Catalina but that we has not gone through the full testing cycle. That means it might crash, misbehave, or do something bad if you're using it in front of an audience. You need to accept those conditions explicitly before we'll give you this build.

    Best Wishes,

  • Beta Platinum

    hi @mark 

    So grateful that you are on top of this. My fleet of production macs (MBP’s and Mac Pro trash cans) are all looking very obsolete with OSX Catalina and the new Mac Pro units about to ship. It appears that it is time to look towards investing in new hardware over the next production period and that will mean being forced into Catalina if I go with Apple. 

    I know ‘catalinas’ are a type of flying boat from the 1930’s, so let’s see if this OS soars or sinks with a creative production workflow.

    Best wishes